About Mr. Dave

     Growing perennials has been pretty much a life-long hobby for me. This will be my fourteenth year of growing perennials. What started out as a childhood backyard hobby has become a hobby that is on the brink of becoming a real business. I am currently growing at least a thousand perennial plants of upwards of 25 varieties in my backyard in nursery pots. Of these, the best ones will be put up for sale next month at a local gardener’s market.

     I have extensive knowledge of plants in general and perennials in particular from not only my backyard experience but also from seven seasons working in a garden center and two seasons working in landscaping.

     Projects I have participated in, supervised, and/or overseen include, but are not limited to:

         Assisting in planting the annuals in the city whiskey barrel planters,

         Positioning and balancing the designs given for planting at the state capitol, secretary of state building, and the flowerbeds in the park outside of the Legislative Office building.

          Assisting and supervising the opening crop for a new garden center, as well as being involved in the opening of the garden center.

          Been hired to design, lay out, and plant three gardens for a new day spa opening on the grounds of a house with renown German architecture.

          Have had famous people, including a Hollywood writer and a writer for a famous newspaper, seek my advice on horticultural topics.

          Have done general maintenance at the houses and estates of famous people.

          Have successfully propagated upwards of twenty different types of perennials.

          Plus several other lesser opportunities that have provided as much, if not more, knowledge and experience.


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